Wooden case for a 7mm pinfire revolver

This is my second attempt to create a authentic looking gun case. The revolver is a 7mm pinfire revolver of unknown origin. I wished an authentic look with more wood showing than my first case and I really wanted a small oil bottle in the case. If you search on these cases on internet you will find all sorts of layouts. Most times the barrel points left but I found pointing right better in this case.
The box
The box itself was from a draughtsman set. These can be found on ebay in all sorts and measurements. The old lining was taken out first. A wood shop made some wooden slats to my wishes. A high one for all around and a lower version for the inside arrangement. They are 3.5mm thick. This time I wanted the top of the slats to be visible. Tho glue the fabric nice in the edges of the fabric must be folded back. The fabric measures 0.8mm and to keep it all smooth I milled a groove of .8mm deep in with the back folded portion falls into. On the underside the fabric is folded to the underside of the slat and glued. First in goes the foundation, then the surrounding and then the smaller ones for the accessories. The fabric in the lid is still loose since I planned to put in the makers name but l do yet know the maker.
The bare box
Slats with milled slots
Varnished (spray can)
The oil bottle or "oiler"
Those exist in many forms, from pewter, brass or glass. I like the glass ones. Those are quite expensive, both authentic and reproduction and often to large for such small case. Thus that I made a plan to make something myself.
I looked for a suitable bottle and found that a extra small nail polish bottle comes close. I shortened the height by chopping off a piece of the neck. The thread for the plastic cap I took of too. Also I flattened the bottom, sanded off the name on the bottle and all signs of fabrication. Glass can be filed with diamond (needle) files and smoothed with waterproof sandpaper. Final polishing can be done with a normal polish disk and paste for metal. It will not look as shiny as brand new glass but it should not, it's 120 years old now!
An glass oil bottle most times have a metal screw cap and on the neck also a metal thread piece. On the inside of the cap there should be a rod that holds some oil and when that rod is hold against metal some oil will come off and oils that needs to be oiled. I found that 3/8 heating coupling parts provide a good base thread and cap. Of course a small lathe is needed for this.

The screwdrivers
Those come from ebay and are only cleaned up a little and the tips are grounded to suit the screws in this revolver

The bullets
Those I already had and are authentic old rounds. More about those here.
When does a man buy nail polish?
Tin soldered
With old friends