12mm pinfire, Belgium made, before 1893

Maker: unknown

Caliber: 12mm pinfire / 12mm Lefaucheux

Date: before 1893

Status: restored, sold

Markings on cylinder: ELG in oval, control mark Z with crown, On the front of the cylinder it is stamped JD
Markings on the frame: behind the barrel its stamped x with star, under the grips it's stamped AB

This is a 12 mm 5-shot pinfire revolver with the Webley RIC case ejecting system like also seen on the Webley British Bulldog revolvers. The Webley design for the "British Bulldog" is copied in a lot of country's and by lot's of makers. In the USA  Forehand & Wadsworth made them. The Webley British Bulldog was made in calibers ranging from .32 to .45. Mostly centerfire, rimfire examples exist but are scare.

This revolver I bought knowing extra costs for import to the Netherlands needed to be made. Normally that effort for a gun in this condition is not worth the trouble but I do like the Webley look very much and since the Webley's are mostly center fire they can not be owned freely. Also the combination of a quite small revolver in the large 12mm caliber I do like a lot.
A pinfire revolver made like a Webley including the case ejecting system is not seen often and personally I think this one is made as a special order from parts intended to make a normall centerfire copy of the Webley. "Proof" of that I found in the form of a well done closing of what looks like hole where the firing pin would be when it was a centerfire gun.

This revolver was a real opponent. The metal is quite porous and when welded the air bubbles break open into small holes. Also there are a lot of casting faults below the surface witch I find when taking of some metal. These cheap made guns made of cast parts are not the most easy to work on!

The strange damage above the trigger screw I repaired by drilling a bigger hole and insert a metal plug. A colleague TIG welded that and after that I smoothed it, drilled a new hole, cut thread and made a new screw.
For exact drilling I made a simple fixture, better take extra time in measuring and fixing than have a hole drilled wrongly!

Repairing damaged screw hole
Drilling the new hole

The action needed a lot of attention. The cylinder hand was missing, all springs were missing, the cylinder stop (part of the trigger) was missing and the timing was very bad.

The trouble with the air bubbles breaking open I could only partly solve, I used soldering tin to fill some. A crude way to repair and you will always see it. The upside surface of the barrel stayed bad, there are even real casting cracks trough the metal. The total result is not what I hoped for but it's ok. I did not made new grips since those would then be to good looking compared to the rest.

Missing a piece for the half-cock
Piece added
Springs made