There are of course thousands of sites around the world about antique guns. There is no beginning in placing them all. (It will take some time for me to name all I want to name, this is just the beginning)
The links I will place on my site are sites of which I think they are interesting or can be of your help for your hobby.

Sites of hobbyists

  •  Dutch site about pinfire guns, mostly European, Losts of guns, also informative pages and pages about restorations, disassemble tips etc.
  •  Dutch site about deactivated rifles and free to own live firing guns. Most items are for sale.
  •  A Dutch collector and trader in American firearms
  •  A Dutch collector and trader in American firearms
  • A Dutch collector of mainly Pinfire revolvers

Informative sites

  •  Belgium site filled with information about european arms, arms makers etc.
  •  Belgium site filled with information about non-european arms, arms makers etc.
  •  American site with a overview of all ancient gun makers. Very handy and informative

Dutch associations for antique gun collectors

Gun parts and restoration materials

  • Peter Dyson  Products for restoring antique guns and also parts for guns, gunboxes etc. Accesoires, guns, much to much to name it all.
  • H&C Collection  Offeres reloading materials for antique firearms including pinfire.

Gunshops and antique gun webshops

  • Wim Slendebroek  My favorite gun shop in Holland., good and friendly
  • Wildwesttreasures A good Belgiumwebshop in quality American arms, a very large inventory.

 Professional restorators

  • arquebusier  Dutch restorer of all kinds of weaponry
  • Herman Prummel  Dutch high quality restorer of handguns, restores on worldwide museum level.