Rolland & Renault pinfire, Belgium

The cylinderhand. Part and spring out of one piece.

Maker: Rolland & Renault

Caliber: 9mm pinfire / 9mm Lefaucheux

Date: before 1871-1872

Status: Original condition, in collection

This revolver is marked "ROLLAND & RENAULT A PARIS" on top of the barrel. 
Other markings on the barrel: "Acier Fondu" on the left side of the barrel and a U with crown right.  
Markings on the cylinder: U with crown in front side of the cylinder and again at the rear side of the cylinder and on the rear side of the cylinder an ELG in oval, a 2 and a G. 
Markings on the frame: Serial number 16252 on the left side and a G and 2 under right the grip panel.

A very well made revolver with very tight tolerances. If you only see how the cylinder hand is made, a part and spring in one piece! The cylinder has no feelable clearance on it's axle.
The frame is color case hardened, cylinder and barrel blued and other metal parts are in the white.
In stead of turning the barrel of after the screw between frame and barrel is taken out this barrel must be pulled foreword. If you take a look at the way the frame part and barrel part fit together, such fitment you wont see that much on modern handguns!
This revolver has some interesting features. Seen sometimes but still interesting is the ring around the area were the pins of the cartridges rotate. This way the pins were protected against bending or even accidental firing when the gun would fall. The rear sight has an unusual round hole with tiny slot above that and the front sight has a round shape. Those can be aligned very well but the item were is aimed on can hardly been seen.
The barrel and cylinder are blued but the front and rear of the cylinder are in the white and also is the front of the barrel.
The "Acer Fondu" translate to cast metal. The base parts are cast and after that machined.
Very nice made parts
Very nice made frame
Beroken SA notch
Testing outside the gun
Final test

Maybe the fact that the SA notch was broken of is the reason this revolver is used very little. Who knows when it broke, can be a few years after production and was placed in a drawer for decades or more.

"Rolland & Renault" is listed on page 350 in the book "Qui est Qui de l'Arme Française" as "armuriers à Paris en 1871-1872 armes de luxe et de guerre, 3 boulevard Saint Martin à Paris" what translate as "gunshop in Paris in 1871-1872 weapons luxury and war". Since this revolver has Liège proof marks it is most likely that this weapon was made Liège by an other maker. commissioned by R&R.
Looking for info I came across a very similar looking revolver but sold under the name Lebaron. This Lebaron I found at Horst Held, here the page as PDF. Also on a similar, unmarked revolver can be found, see here.

I would love to know more and anyone who can tell me more about the actual maker or about Rolland & Renault, I appreciate it much!