7mm Pinfire, Belgium, before 1893

Maker: Gilles Decortis

Caliber: 7mm pinfire / 7mm Lefaucheux

Date: before 1893

Status: Original condition, in collection

A fine example of a pre 1893 revolver.
This revolver is marked with the usual kind of Liége markings; ELG in oval on the cylinder and and a inspector mark V with star on the barrel and cylinder.
JB in the frame behind the right grip panel will most probably be a mark of the casting company. A clue to the maker is a mark in front of the cylinder, the GD mark is mark is the property of Gilles Decortis.

That I learned with the help of Alain Daubresse, founder of www.littlegun.be.

What makes this well preserved revolver extra special is the original holster that came with it. Made in leather and having a brass lock and a belt loop.

The revolver has deep and well done engravings and checkered grips in ebony wood. The cylinder and barrel are blued, the frame in the white and the trigger and hammer color case hardened. The bluing of the barrel has gone to a brown color but the cylinder still has most blue. The color case hardening of the trigger and hammer dis-colored and faded also. The revolver is probably kept in the holster for some time and leather can influence metal. (never store a gun for a long time in a leather holster)