Cased guns

Often you see antique guns in an original case. Cased guns are valued much higher especially when it includes nice and correct accessories.
But one should be careful when buying a cased gun. Most times it will actually be an original case but also often it is not. It is possible that a case was provided by the factory or gun maker or that the new gun owner had it made later by a craftsman. But it is also possible that the case was made much later or even just weeks before it is offered for sale. If it is a decent case, looking authentic and the gun and case have the same patina you buy a nice set.
But when the wear to the gun is quite heavy, how would that happen to a cased gun? Sometimes strange accessories are seen in a case like binoculars, a watch or a liquor flask and glasses? That is because the case was to big! I have seen strange combinations go for high prices on Internet. A €100,- gun + a €30 case + €50 in materials and accessories = €500,- ? 
Think and research before you buy a cased gun. It is not that difficult to make a cased gun. See these examples. And I made them nicely, If I would age it a little you would believe it is old.

And this is a more difficult way, often I see the "French style" one takes out the form of the gun in wood board. Fabric is glued all around the border and fabric on of the board. A section for bullets and a section for something else and ready.