7mm pinfire, unknown date

Maker: unknown

Caliber: 7mm pinfire / 7mm Lefaucheux

Date: unknown

Status: Original condition, in collection

Again a fine example of a well made 7mm revolver.
The frame and barrel of this revolver is made from brass, the other parts from steel. This is not very common. Also the grip angle and form of the frame is a bit different of that of most 7mm pin fire revolvers. Other than that it is constructed like usual and is well made.
Unfortunately this revolver has no markings other than a number left on the frame and a number on the right side, made in smaller digits, and over very lightly applied text. No proof marks etc. No maker or country of origin can be determined.

The work done by me to this revolver is total disassembly and very good cleaning. The steel parts were brushed with a brass brush and after that finished with steel wool. The brass frame and barrel I only cleaned. Never polish a brass frame! The screws needed a bit work and the ejector rod was shortened. It is most probably a very good attempt from someone to make one out of a nail and I think I am happy with it.  

Before cleaning
Before cleaning
Lovely combination of brass and steel