.28 James Warner percussion revolver

Maker: James Warner

Caliber: .28 percussion

Date: 1857- late 1860's

Status: Original condition, in collection

A small percussion revolver marked
James Warner Springfield Mass. U.S.A on top strap and 3339 on grip butt. Anyone knowing a exact date please let me know.
James Warner produced revolvers under his name but designed also for other makers. His best selling revolver was this little pocket model. This model was produced in three variations. Start is with a octagonal barrel, ca. 500 made. Variation one is with a round barrel, production limited to a few hundred. (Exact unknown)
Variation two is like variation one but in caliber .31, ca 9000 made. James Warner lost patent lawsuits filed by Colt more than once and had to stop production of this model. Later he introduced a
cartridge model looking very similar to this one but again lost lawsuits and after about 1000 made production stopped again.
This revolver is of the first variation. I got it in a good condition only missing a screw retaining the loading lever and in the mechanism a coil spring was missing and replaced by a bend paperclip. Small errors that I fixed soon. The spring was easy, I had something that fitted. A screw is always trouble since I don't have thread cutters of ancient tread and my small old lath is missing tread cutting parts. After measuring a other screw of this revolver that fitted it surprised me that the dimensions were close to M4. So I made a M4 screw and took of a little of the diameter and it fitted perfectly. So the tip: Measure closely and compare with available threads.
The screw I made with the same dimensions as the screw holding the mainspring. It looks however to big and I might correct that soon. Looking to pictures found on the internet did not produce a good picture of the right screw since there is some variation in size and placement of this screw.

Nice to mention are the revolvers from Charles Warner.  Looking almost identical with only some technical differences. One must be the copy of the other or they are based on the same design. But there are no indications of family ties and no records why these revolvers are so similar.