.38RF short remington Smoot

Maker: Remington & sons

Caliber: .38RF short

Date: 1878 -1888

Status: Original condition, in collection

Marked REMINGTON&SONS.ILION.N.Y.PAT.W.S.SMOOT.OCT.21.1875 on top of the barrel and serial number 8055.

In 1816, farmer and blacksmith Eliphalet Remington needed a new rifle but could not afford to purchase one, so he made his own rifle from scrap iron in his smiting shop. It was that good that he was soon hired by neighbors as a rifle and barrel maker and the company Remington's was started.

The current Remington Arms Company Inc. is the same Company that started in 1816 under the simple name Remington.
From 1871 till somewhere early 1880's William S Smoot worked for the Remington company and from his hand is the patented design of this revolver. There are four series of the Remington Smoot of which Nr.4 was not named Smoot but simply Nr.4. since Smoot was not working for Remington anymore.

My revolver is of the model Nr.3 which was produced between 1878 and 1888 in a quantity of about 25.000. That number is a estimated number, the serial numbering was not perfect and there were also unnumbered Revolvers. When looking for the serial number: take out the cylinder and look at the bottom strap.
This revolver caries an extra number placed left of the barrel. Perhaps a number was realy needed at one time but they could not find the original. The number starts with BW which by my opinion reveres to "bijzondere wetten", in English "special laws" which is the Dutch police department handling all legal gun traffic. Since this is and always was a free to own gun it's strange that it got an extra Number.

As of model 3 there was a choice in either rimfire (.38RF) or centerfire (.38CF). The first years of production were "Bird's-Head" style grips (like the one shown, later changed the "Saw-Handle style)

An excellent and not expensive book about the Remington Smoot revolvers is the book "A Study of Remington's Smoot Patent & Number Four Revolvers" by Hary J. parker.