Flintlock pistol, British

Maker: unknown, Tower marked.

Caliber: 44bore / .66 inch

Date: Probably arond 1820

Status: Sold

This is a cut down New Land Pattern flintlock pistol. Made early 19th Century, around 1820.
The butt is shortened, the stock is shortened at the front and the ramrod pipe is moved closer to the trigger guard.
This is how it should look.

When will this be done? In the 19th Century to make its a more handsome gun? It still is a big one. Was it done by a highwayman? Or was it much later that someone shortened it because of damages? The truth will never be known.

The condition is not very good but also difficult to restore. And it will always be a shortened gun. For those reasons I sold it again. Every time I see a movie such as Pirates of the Caribbean I regret selling it.