Double barrel percussion pistol, unknown origin

Maker: unknown

Caliber: 17mm / .67"

Date: Probably between 1860-1880

Status: Sold as bought.

A small, 'fat' double barrel pistol. A wonderful thing to hold. Most probably a
Coach pistol. A pistol carried on a coach or other occasion in were a shot shooting gun is favourite over a solid bullet. Shot spreads and is hurtful for more than a single person. (Or animals) It truly is made as a small pistol and is not constructed from a rifle.

A strange feature is the combination of being well made but not marked. Only both barrels have a 2 at underside. Possible to find barrels back after production before soldering together. Very nice piece to hold, feels heavy and is absolute strong build. Looks like a little Howdah.
Unfortunately some one 'restored' by having the steel parts nickeled. It was of course possible to have the nickel removed but I chose to resell it. I do regret that somewhat.