Meyers 9mm pinfire, Belgium made, 1870-1893

Maker: Meyers

Caliber: 9mm pinfire / 9mm Lefaucheux

Date: Before 1893 (ELG in oval without crown)

Status: De-rusted, sold

This strong constructed revolver came out a inheriting. It was in good shape, just a little rusty and the grips very dirty.
De-rusting can be done on many ways. With very fine waterproof sandpaper (1500 and 2000) you could get the most away and after that use very fine steel wool (0000) and oil. The final look will be like pinfire 9mm pinfire Nr.1.
This Meyers revolver I de-rusted with "bio-ontroester". A remarkable good working product that takes the rust away and does not harm the metal. Just brush a few times with a brass brush and in about 24 hours all rust is away and a medium gray metal leaves. Clean just with a brush or go further wit a little steel wool.

Here a before and after picture of only bio de-ruster working.

This revolver is good made, strong build and was in a very good state but I just did not like it and sold it.