9 mm pinfire, Belgium made, 1880-1893

Maker: unknown

Caliber: 9mm pinfire / 7mm Lefaucheux

Date: Probably between 1880-1893 (ELG in oval)

Status: Restored, sold

A fine example of a 9mm pinfire revolver. Steel frame and grips from ebony wood.
I can't give any details on it since I do not owe it for some time now.

It was rusty but in good condition when I got it. All springs were missing. After a restoration it looked quite good but for some reason I just did not like it enough. I sold it but now I wonder whether that was the smart thing to do.

It was complete but totally without springs. Surface rusted with only light pitting.
Before doing cosmetic work, witch is the most fun to do, I always do the technical part first. A good mainspring is hard to make yourself. I did notice that the spring needed looks very close to a S&W revolver mainspring. Therefore i started with such spring. Looking for a spring close to what you need is always a good idea!
The trigger return spring is an other thing, always broken on these revolvers. Wolff gun springs offers kits with different sizes. If you work on these kind of guns it's smart to order some of these springs.
A trigger return spring must be made to the right wide first. Make it very tight to the frame. Then determine the max length from the lower leg. That must tot touch the trigger. Last the upper leg. Hold it together with the trigger against the frame, guess the length and make it longer than that. Put the gun together. If that is not possible, take little off. This you do till he gun works.
A trigger return spring must be held by the frame above the upper leg. When the frame does not do that use a punch to make a dimple left and right next to the spring. The spring should be held just under that. The ejection rod, screw and spring was missing and is made new but I do not  have pictures of that.

More tips will follow in the restoration section.

A S&W mainspring with a little spacer. In this case, what you don't see, don't care.

Store parts in a handy box during your work. Saves looking for screws on the foor!

To clean and finish the chambers Belgom Alu is a great product.