7mm pinfire, Belgium made, 1893-1910

Maker: Probably Jules PIRE & Co

Caliber: 7mm pinfire / 7mm Lefaucheux

Date: Probably between 1893-1810

Status: Original condition, sold

Identification by littlegun.be 

A fine example of a small Belgium pinfire revolver. It is only 145 mm long. These late pinfire revolvers were not expensive and suitable for self defense against man and dogs. These kind of revolvers were not meant of suitable for policeman or target shooting. The materials on most pinfire revolvers are off less quality than for example the smaller American made revolvers. American revolvers have hardened action parts were these small pinfire revolvers have parts of untreated metal. Therefore unsuited to be used much.
This example is in very good shape, probably not or little used.

At the right side it is parked J.P.C. in a rectangular. Under the grips it's marked OD with a crown.
Efforts to trace the maker have proven a possible match. (see identification by littlegun)
But by no means it is a 100% confirmation. Possible it is made by Ory-Duquenne but as a subcontractor for Jules Pire & Co,

There are a lot of markings for such a this little gun.
  • O with star on cylinder, frame and barrel (mark of the inspector)
  • R with crown on barrel (Meaning that the barrel has rifling)
  • ELG in oval with crown on cylinder (Proof mark Liège post-1893)
  • O and D with crown in the frame under the left side grip
  • W in the frame under right side grip
  • Number 29 on frame cylinder and barrel (serial number?) Can also be used to find the corresponding parts back after bluing.
  • Number 4 on trigger parts and hammer. Possible also to find the corresponding parts back after final finish.  
  • Left side frame J.P.C.  in a rectangular.

Although being a simple and small gun I like it a lot.

An antique gun including cartridges is a more total package and I will try to collect correct ammo to most of the antique guns. Shown at the right side picture is a overview of possible cartridges for pinfire guns. (klick to enlarge) On top live cartridges, middle row are shot shells and the bottom row are blanks. The lead bullets from the live cartridges show some white, traces of oxide and the red is probably the old wax once protecting the lead against oxide. I cleaned one of the six and intent to clean the others soon.
I have cleaned the cases as much as possible without really polishing them. I used special cloth drained with chemicals that only attack lead and rust and these work fine on copper oxide too. These cloths are meant for gun cleaning and can be found at Brownells or Midway.

7mm pinfire shot shells
7mm pinfire cartridges
Cartridges loaded
Shot shells loaded
Shot shells loaded