7mm pinfire, Belgium made, 1893-1910

Maker: unknown

Caliber: 7mm pinfire / 7mm Lefaucheux

Date: Probably between 1893-1910

Status: Fully restored, sold

This 7mm pinfire revolver was my first project after I inherited a few of them. It was the one in worst condition and I simply asked myself: what can I make of that?

Completly rusted and deffect. Mainspring present, trigger return spring and ejector pin missing.

Newly blued, screws and missing parts newly made.
Hot blued and 'gold parts' (with tourch) and
new grips.

With the result I was quite happy. Still over time I realized that on details it was not historical correct. Next to that it was technical not save to shoot and with that not really a gun anymore. I decided to sell it to raise funds for my new goal, American guns. Unfortunately when selling I came across an other, even smaller 7mm pinfire revolver which I bought. See Nr. 2

The restoration.For those interested in the path from rusty little gin to shiny little gun here a chronological look on how I did things. (will be expanded soon)