Antique European and American handguns

Welcome on my website dedicated to antique handguns.

I write this site in English but that is not my first language. In case you as a reader would see any errors, feel free to correct me! The site is still in development. I will try to get all pages filled for most part first and will add more content and pictures later.

I hope you have fun looking around.



About handguns.                             *Newest page*

Handguns have always had my interest, antique and modern. At a certain moment I started to work on a small pin fire revolver which I inherited. Now I enjoy both collecting guns in original condition and restoring guns.

This website will only be a digital vitrine of my personal antique guns. Some are restored, some in original condition. Some are sold but that is the good thing about a digital vitrine; you can still look at them!
About each gun that I show I will include a short section of information and about the guns that I restored I will tell what I did. Do not expect hundreds of guns on this site or guns of great value. My collection is still a very modest one.
It is by no means my goal to make a reference site with all historic information about ignition systems, gun makers and the guns itself. I will focus on my own guns, but where possible will try to give some additional background information.

About restoring antique guns you can keep discussing forever and I have had my share of opinions given. With each gun it is a new decision whether you find it better to leave it as is or to see if restoration is an option. Restoring can be done in more than one way, ranging from just repairing what really is broken to trying to recreate a gun as new.
In my opinion, a totally broken, rusty and damaged gun has little appeal and value so restoring it to the best one can is fun, educational and will add some value. The real collector would not spend a dime on guns restored as mine and I understand that.
What one learns from a full restoration is also how to repair minor defects of otherwise nice original pieces.

In time I hope to explain my ways of repairing and restoring on this site in the hope some might be able to use it for their own benefit. I do sometimes help other antique gun owners with a repair from little defects, but by no means I would like to suggest that I am either a professional, that I do this to make money or repair what ever you want me to.

When you are in the process of buying an antique gun and you are not certain if it's a free to own gun you can check it here. (Only applies to Dutch law!)

All firearms showed on this website are antique firearms ant can be bought, sold, imported, exported, transported and possessed without licence according article 18 RWM of the Dutch law. That is only by persons from the age of 18 and older.